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Course Overview

Quality lessons

At Broadstairs English Centre we aim to achieve maximum language progress in the time our students are with us. Our English courses for young learners have been designed to maximise practice and progression in key language areas depending on the level of the student and length of course. Lessons deal primarily with communication to develop oral fluency and accuracy, and to build confidence.

Teaching younger children

We do our best to make sure that our English courses for young learners are entertaining and engaging. Although we want our students to relax and socialise outside of the classroom, we expect full effort during lessons. However, we know that younger students have a shorter attention span – so we employ a range a varied and interactive activities to keep them engaged and motivated. We have received very positive feedback from students regarding our expectations in the classroom, and many who have learnt English abroad previously have commented that this is one aspect that sets us apart from other schools in the UK.

Lesson material

In the classroom we use a range of resources that are appropriate and suitable for young learners. We have designed lessons that have clear objectives and encourage lots of discussion, pair work and group work. Although there is a strong emphasis on speaking, most lessons integrate all skills, grammar and suitable topics for young children. Where possible, we try to use up-to-date internet resources, making class activities more diverse and interesting. We make English courses for our young students fun and interactive, and insist on ‘English only’ in the classroom! Classes will also involve project based work which can be done at school or around the town, supervised by our teachers. Students are also provided with a course folder so they can keep their work and projects organised.

Social Activities

Social programme for young learners

Trips, sports and activities are included in our young learners course prices.
The activity program offers a range of activities so that there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

As well as our inclusive activities and sports below, we also offer optional activities for an extra charge. (See optional activities below).


These trips include a guided tour (if requested), travel and of course, free time for shopping!

All of our trips offer students the chance to see more of British culture. Whether it is history, architecture, museums, cathedrals and famous monuments, our trips have something for everyone. Importantly, the cost of travel is included in your course price. We use very modern, comfortable coaches with DVD facilities to keep you entertained on your journey!

Sport and activities

We offer a variety of sports to students and try to encourage mixed nationality games to help you meet new friends and practise your English. If you are not a particularly sporty person, we can offer a range of alternative activities to keep you busy, such as:

  • Art classes
  • Treasure hunts
  • School parties
  • Drama workshops
  • Discos
  • Sandcastle competitions
  • Street dance
  • Beach games

All activities will be well supervised and will encourage students to interact and mix with different nationalities.

Optional extra activities

There are a number of optional extra activities including:

  • Museums, galleries, cathedrals
  • The London Eye
  • Climbing
  • Skatepark
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Minigolf

Course Overview


This is the sample programme for a 5-night programme:

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This is the sample programme for a 1-week programme:

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Dates & Fees

Please contact us to discuss dates and fees.

To view our terms and conditions, including our cancellation policy, please click here.

Course Facts

Class hours: 12-15 hours per week

Accommodation: Homestay/student residence

Number of weeks: 1-4 weeks

Class size: Maximum 16*

Class nationality: Closed or mixed** groups

Course entry test: Yes

Age range: 9-12 years old

Levels offered: A1/A2/B1

End of course certificate: Yes

Transfers: Available on request

*Class sizes may increase to 18 depending on total number of students in a group. For example, a group of 51 students would be placed into 3 classes of 17
**Differences in age, level of English and programme structure mean this is not always possible
Please note, as we operate a jigsaw timetable when at peak, classes can be scheduled for afternoons even on standard 15-hour programmes

Fun and interactive lessons and activities designed to give young learners the skills and confidence to use their existing knowledge of English and to add to it in a native speaker environment.