Bubble School

A stepping stone to normality
2nd January - 5th June 2022

Safety first

Showing our commitment to safety during the pandemic, we have decided to welcome just one group at a time from January to June 2021 for residential stays. Each group will therefore create its own ‘bubble’ and enjoy exclusivity of our school.

Safety measures you are familiar with

We want you to feel comfortable. Alongside our rigorous safety measures, we are happy to discuss any extra measures you would like us to implement. If there are particular routines and procedures that your students are familiar with, we can adopt them for the duration of your stay.

A spacious, modern three-storey building, BEC has large classrooms, activity spaces and dormitories, making it perfect for social distancing.

All staff registered on Covid-19 app

Every member of staff at BEC is required to report how they feel each day on the King's College London app. This allows for rapid testing if any Covid-related symptoms occur. All staff will socially distance from each other and group leaders, while still maintaining safe contact and conversation.

Help to create your programme

We will work with you to design the programme you want, prioritising safety for your group and our dedicated team.

The app will allow us to use the latest data to help us decide together on the safest locations for excursions.

Meet and greet, or door-to-door service

If you fly, one of our team will meet you at any London airport, which are all less than 2 hours from Broadstairs. If you travel by private coach, we can arrange the ferry or shuttle for you. If you prefer door-to-door service arranged by us, we are happy to arrange European private coach transfers for you.

A happy bubble

This is how we started at BEC: one group at a time. Giving each group ‘the red carpet treatment’, making them feel special, is how we started to build a reputation for a school that cares about people, not about numbers. We can compensate for not having other groups to mix with by giving all students and leaders a lot of time and attention.

A happy bubble. It’s what we think is the right thing for now. A stepping-stone to normality.

Come and be our special guests.