English with Drama

Our English with Drama courses run every summer from mid-July to the end of August.

The mornings are spent in language classes which have a drama focus. Afternoons are spent working on an ongoing weekly project which has a theme such as Greek Theatre, Physical Theatre, Special Effects Make-up or Acting and Directing. Weekly half-day and full-day excursions are linked to the project, including visits to a fantastic selections of local theatres as well as Shakespeare’s Globe and other London theatres.

Greek Theatre

Modern drama can be traced back to Greece in the 6th Century BC. This is a great introduction to the origins of Western Theatre that combines theory with practical activities and quickly builds students confidence , teamwork , trust and performance vocabulary.

Gods, Goddesses, monsters, myths and legends are the themes for these workshops. Students will be taught projection and care of voice using professional performance techniques to effectively perform as a Greek Chorus. as well as use Narration and Physical Theatre to create stories of ancient times.

Acting and Directing - From Page to Stage

Plays are written with the intention of being performed - not just read. Students will be taught how to bring a variety of short amusing scripts to life by writing stage directions in addition to using practical activities to explore setting , stage space and direct ion. They will create characters using gestures, body language and facial expressions, and consider their on-stage relationship using improvisation games to bring about actions and reactions. Students will have the opportunity to direct scenes using a variety of drama strategies commonly used in plays to highlight moments of importance for an audience.

Physical Theatre and Mask

A highly visual form of theatre that uses exaggeration of movement. mime and body language to convey meaning and connect with your audience. Workshops will take a playful approach using clowning, comedy scenarios and fairy tales to inspire creativity. Group activities and pair work will allow students to devise, develop and reflect on stylised movement that communicates meaning. Students will be taught how to physically embody a character and the do's and don'ts of using masks.

Special Effects Make-up

Using everyday easily accessible products, students will design their own horror or fantasy make-up and be shown how to make fake blood and create scars, burns and cuts for special effects. They will learn about basic skin care and how to safely apply and remove make-up.