A beautiful seaside town

Fun and interactive lessons

New modern school building

A wide range of activities

A brand new student residence

Close proximity to London

A friendly & caring school

Broadstairs English Centre is a friendly, modern English language school on the Kent coast. We provide quality teaching, comfortable accommodation and a varied and exciting social programme for groups of young people and adults.

We give people a lot of time and attention so that they have a unique and personal experience. Most of our groups return to our school for this reason.

Quality teaching

We want to achieve maximum language progress in our lessons. Courses cover all language areas, but the focus is on speaking, listening and expanding vocabulary. More importantly, the learning experience at our language school does not stop outside the classroom: our exciting social and cultural activities help with learning, confidence building and interaction with other students.

A safe town, a great location

Student welfare is a priority, and we believe Broadstairs is a safe and friendly place for students of all ages to stay and experience a bit of British culture.

Its beautiful coast, charming shops, close proximity to London and Canterbury and fascinating historical connection with Charles Dickens make our traditional seaside town the perfect location for an English language school. The Times recently named Broadstairs ‘the best place to live by the sea’.