School Immersion

Giving international students a deep insight into life in British education and culture.

Who is this course for?

Students following the immersion programme will be integrated into everyday life of a British school. Students attending one of our partner schools will experience the following:

  • A variety of lessons from our National Curriculum in English
  • The daily timetable and structure of a British school
  • Working alongside a ‘buddy’ attending the school for the duration of the timetable

The programme aims to build students’ confidence and provide a natural environment to practise their English. Key elements of the programme include:

  • Keeping a daily journal
    Reflect on your experiences and record new vocabulary. Prizes are awarded for the diaries.
  • Socialising with buddies
    Speak more English with your English friends on a memorable full-day trip to London, Canterbury, Cambridge or Brighton.
  • Extra-curricular activities
    As well as studying, take part in school assemblies, charity events, sports and concerts. Experience the key aspects of life in a British school.
  • Making long-lasting friendships
    It doesn’t have to end here! Stay in touch with your buddies after your stay and have another incentive to keep improving your English.
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Grammar School Immersion

As this course does not have a teaching component provided by BEC, it is not eligible for British Council accreditation.

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Key course facts

Class hours: 15-25 hours per week in a partner school

Accommodation: homestay/student residence

Number of days/weeks: 1-8 weeks

Class size: 15+

Class nationality: closed groups

Course entry test: yes

Age range: 8+

Minimum level of English: B1

End-of-course certificate: yes

Keys to Success

The Headteachers

We work with two excellent grammar schools and one of the best primary schools in our area. Experiencing British culture and school life provides an excellent context for language learning: if something is fun and interesting, it should enhance learning. The headteachers of the schools involved make sure that every opportunity is used to make lasting memories and friendships.

The Buddies

Buddies have a big role in the success of this programme. Before our groups arrive, buddies are selected and told what is expected of them. They sign a contract of their responsibilities and obligations as a symbol of their commitment. Buddies introduce the visitors to their friends, making sure only English is spoken. Buddies join one of the full-day trips, as well as a social evening activity like drama or street dance.

The School Liaison

These courses are coordinated by a former executive headteacher who makes sure that the immersion programme is a great experience for everyone. Andy goes to the school with the groups, organises the diary competition, and is there to help our groups, answer questions and meet with the headteachers to make sure that both the hosts and the visitors get the most out of their stay.