Terms and Conditions


  1. Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of completed application form (not online enquiry form) and are only guaranteed when payment has been cleared through our bank. Payments must be made in full 4 weeks before the commencement of the course.


  1. If host family accommodation has been booked, Broadstairs English Centre will provide the student/agency/group with details of the family. In the case of very late bookings made less than 10 days before the course starts, details of the host family will be advised on arrival. Broadstairs English Centre is not able to confirm host family arrangements until after payment has been received.
  2. Students must indicate at time of booking any special requests, dietary needs or allergies.
  3. Broadstairs English Centre reserves the right to cancel accommodation booked if there are concerns about the guest’s behaviour. No refunds are made in these circumstances.
  4. Students leaving accommodation for weekend breaks etc will not be given discounts/refunds.
  5. Long-term students taking holidays during their study period must in advance:
  6. inform the school; b. inform the host family and remove all personal belongings from the host family to prevent being charged.
  7. Broadstairs English Centre is not responsible for any damage or loss of property whilst in accommodation arranged by Broadstairs English Centre. Students are also advised that they should take out personal/travel insurance to cover their belongings against theft, loss or damage. Any complaint regarding a family must be made immediately and a complaint form completed. Complaints will be thoroughly investigated and any necessary action will be taken.
  8. In the event of incompatibility between a guest and a host family, Broadstairs English Centre will find a replacement family.
  9. (FOR ADULT INDEPENDENT STUDENTS ONLY) We suggest that the arrival day should be on a Saturday or Sunday. The student should telephone their host family a few days before to give them an approximate arrival time and to check that the arrival time is convenient for them.
  10. Students wishing to extend their accommodation beyond the end date may do so but must contact our accommodation officer. For extended periods, which are shorter than a week, accommodation will be charged on a per night basis.
  11. There will be no refunds for students leaving pre-booked accommodation early (discretionary refunds may apply under special circumstances).
  12. Students must always ask permission before using the host family’s telephone.
  13. Students must always ask permission before using the host family’s appliances (washing machines, hairdryers etc).
  14. Students must always ask permission before allowing friends in the house.
  15. Students must take great care not to lose or misuse the key(s) to the home. Please pay attention to the instructions that the host family will give you concerning the security to the house (locks, alarms etc). If you lose the keys to the house, you must be prepared to have to pay for the replacement cost.
  16. If a student who is here decides to terminate their accommodation early, there must be a minimum notice period of 1 week or 1 week’s accommodation fees in lieu.


  1. The following charges will apply in the event of a cancellation:
    • Cancellation up to 30 days in advance 30% of the course fees
    • Cancellation less than 30 days in advance 50% of the course fees
    • Cancellation less than 3 days in advance 75% of the course fees
    • Cancellation of a language course, accommodation or transportation less than 24 hours before arrival or after the course has started -100%
  2. Broadstairs English Centre will deduct the cost of any bank transfer charges incurred in making a refund.


  1. In the unlikely event that the number of students on a course or in a class, drops below the minimum number required to make a course viable, or if there are other events which are outside our reasonable control, Broadstairs English Centre reserves the right to cancel all or part of that course and/or activity programme. In most cases, students will be offered an alternative. If no alternative arrangements can be made, or if the alternative arrangement is unacceptable to the student, a full refund of fees will be made. Once a refund has been made, Broadstairs English Centre shall have no further liability.


  1. Broadstairs English Centre, its directors, employees, representatives, agents, host families and sub-contractors will not be liable for any sickness, injury or death of a student, any damage caused to a third party by a student or repatriation costs. Broadstairs English Centre strongly recommends that students take out adequate insurance.


  1. Broadstairs English Centre will not be liable for delays or cancellation of transportation arrangements, including airport transfers and missed flight departures, caused by bad weather, traffic congestion, road closures, official safety or security advisories, sickness or incapacity of drivers or vehicle breakdown. Broadstairs English Centre strongly recommends that students take out adequate insurance.

Broadstairs English Centre Ltd. Registered in England


  1. Students are responsible for their own money and personal possessions at all times.
  2. Broadstairs English Centre, its directors, employees, representatives, agents, host families and sub-contractors will not be liable for any loss of money or loss of or damage to any personal possessions. Broadstairs English Centre recommends that students take out adequate insurance.


  1. Any disability, allergy or medical condition, which may affect mobility or general health, must be declared at the time of booking. All students, who are not from the EU or covered under reciprocal health care arrangements, must have adequate medical insurance for the period of their stay.


  1. All students should attend all classes that they have enrolled for on their course. No refunds are given for classes that students are absent for, except under special circumstances.
  2. If you know that you will be absent on a certain day, prior notice should be given to your class teacher (preferably two days’ notice).   If you are absent due to illness, you should telephone the school administrator as soon as possible, who will then notify your class teacher of your absence for that class.   If you are absent for more than two consecutive days without prior notice, the school administrator will telephone you to enquire about your absence.   Class teachers will keep a record of the attendance of their students, who will then pass the attendance rate of each student to the school administrator at the end of the course.

  3. Broadstairs English Centre reserves the right to refuse admission to any student or to dismiss any student without refund of tuition fees in the event of misconduct or unsatisfactory attendance or work. The school expects students to attend all classes during their stay.
  4. You should be aware that information about your application, enrolment, attendance and progress at the school may be passed to the Immigration and Nationality Directorate of the Home Office for purposes connected with immigration. Your agent/parents will also be informed of any issues by Broadstairs English Centre.
  5. You are strongly advised to take out appropriate insurance before your departure.