Our mission:

To inspire our students to improve their English language skills and explore British culture by creating one continuous learning experience, to which every member of staff and every homestay provider contributes.


Daytime activities such as excursions, coastal exploration and educational projects offer further opportunities for language practice. Our evening programme involves many instructor-led activities such as drama, dance and martial arts through which new language can also be learned. Our activity leaders receive training in behaviour management, use of language, and interacting with speakers of other languages.


The lessons and projects in our short courses are designed to improve communicative skills, build confidence, put into practice what has been learned at school and improve pronunciation. We want you to speak as much as possible while you are here. Therefore, there is an emphasis on student-centred activities such as pair work, group work, pronunciation, role play and task-based lessons.


Our on-site student residence is open all year round and allows students from different countries to practise their English during free time in a more relaxed environment. Our homestay providers are a part of the BEC team and enjoy social events throughout the year and receive our unique HELP (Homestay English Language Provision) training. This aims to facilitate conversation and learning in the home by introducing the teaching techniques we use in the classroom.